GH: One and a Chorder

Two weeks ago at The Tilden, my Pittsburgh EDM nightclub residency, I had just finished playing a set of balls-to-the-walls, peak-hour EDM. It went off -- as always. That is, until a 5'4", scantily clad, brunette voice of dissent made it known that what I was doing was completely wrong.


"Play something Deep! This music is too f*cking intense! Play some real House music!"

...and in a way, she was absolutely right.

Now, I won't be changing the format at my club anytime soon. We love EDM, but nightclub DJs getting requests for Deep House are commonplace these days and it reflect a resurgence in the mainstream popularity of the genre in the United States. With this resurgence, you have an army of internet famous "producers" who are eager to bounce out their first 120BPM Garageband creation to Soundcloud---and make damned sure that you’re notified of it.

While phenomenon is not unique to the genre, it makes finding unique, quality Deep House especially difficult

However, after purchasing his most recent release, "One and a Chorder" on Beatport, I advise all facing this same struggle to cut through all the bullshit and enter GH.

GH, another Pittsburgh native, is arguably one of the very best Deep and Tech House DJs/Producers in the city. He and his partner Michael Hanlon founded Stem and Leaf, a record label that focuses on the "…deeper side of electronic music" in early 2013 and have been on a mad dash of releases ever since. "One and a Chorder" is the label's 17th release, and is one of my favorites to date. The EP features a powerful title track, "One and a Chorder," and is accompanied by the more delicate, "Half and Half." 

"One and a Chorder, can best be described as melodic, stirring, and often honestly quite uplifting. It is a bass-driven, 122 BPM track featuring a plethora of intriguing percussive sequences, delicate, well written melodic content and a nearly discordant lead synthesizer that sends chills down my spine. The "Garage-esque" vocal snippet adds an additional, melismatic layer to the arrangement, truly topping it off. I could see myself using this tune both to open the club at 10:00PM, or, when mixed properly, as peak hour Deep house. 

"Half and Half” is the finer of the two. While lacking the dance floor energy of its counterpart, the track seems to feature a wider array of percussive samples, a nicely pitch-bent female vocal and a sharp, orchestral melody that gives the track a slightly anxious, encompassing feeling of movement. The track is subtle, yet exciting. At nearly 9 minutes long, the track features an especially long breakdown. I could see myself working this into a Deep House set as an opportunity for dancers to catch their breath, while still retaining an element of groove. Conversely, when done right, the length, delicate nature and organic percussive grooves of “Half and Half” make it an ideal candidate for some intense track layering while DJ’ing.

GH's "One and a Chorder" is versatile enough to give your dance floor a melodic edge or an air of mystery. They could be used when setting a night off, or when closing it down. 

[TL/DR]: Perfect for either your morning commute, or your morning after.

You decide.