"'The Truth' is, Eric Sharp & Tenova nailed this Mansions on the Moon remix." - EARMILK

Supporting Press: Earmilk, YourMusicRadar, Magnetic Magazine, Only The Beat, LessThan3, Control+Alt+Delight, BeautifulBuzz, NerdyFrames, iHeartMoosiq, SuperGoodMusic, HungerTV.

Last month, my good friend Eric Sharp hit me up about a potential opportunity to remix LA based synth-pop group, Mansions on the Moon.

Upon receiving the remix pack in my inbox, I went hard...like, 15 hours straight hard. 

Fingers numb, eyes dry, and totally sleep deprived...It paid off.

After a few days of tediously fitting our two separate session files together, we're left with a track that is predominately of the Deep House persuasion, with elements of 808 bass, aboriginal wind instruments, and a haunting, yet uplifting vocal that's been rocking the dance floors at my gigs for months.

We have been met with support from numerous influential DJs, such as Tommie Sunshine, Kissy Sell Out, and Jason Bentley of KCRW Los Angeles, who played it live on air on two separate occasions. You can view both track lists here and here

I am also been blessed to say we have received a ton of great press coverage on the remix. Magnetic Magazine chose it as #4 on their "Top Indie Dance Tracks," of the week in late June, and LessThan3 also picked it up on their Disco Diaries #66 chart

The track is available for free download in the link at the top of this page.

If you're playing the track out, jamming to it on long car rides, or just enjoying it in general, let me know! Feel free to Tweet me, I'd love to hear about it.